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Show In A Day 2012

Our 6th biannual Show In A Day took place on 3rd March 2012 at Woodlands School, Basildon and it really was a show put together in just one day.

Cast, crew and helpers arrived bleary eyed at 8.00am to begin this busy day (busy is an understatement) and by 7.45pm we were ready to perform a quality show to a packed audience (well almost ready – actually we were still rehearsing at 7.15pm!).

We had 78 cast members this year, performing:

Act 1
It’s Magic   (Full cast)
Kangaroo Chorus   (Song Group)
Jump Around   (Dancers) 
Budget Airlines   (Sketch)           
April Showers   (Choir)
Whistle Blower   (Solo item)
Red & Black   (Full cast)

Act 2
Beach Party   (Full cast)
Order Order   (Sketch)
Girls Run The World (Dancers)
In The Spotlight   (Soloist)
Rhythm   (Choir)
King Caractacus   (Song Group)
Heroes   (Full Cast)


SIAD really was a manic day – don’t expect to have time to eat or visit the loo on a day like this - but by the time the evening came around, everyone seemed to have forgotten all about the hard work and just enjoyed the glitz and glamour of being in the spotlight.